Maybe if I make comics about the things that keep me up at night I could go to sleep



a comic i threw together earlier because i’m very stressed out

This is good.


I’m trying to drown my KLK finale sorrows with funny comics

Uzu sanageyama, very interested in the opposite sex, virgin

I really love Nonon and Sanageyama’s dynamic, they are HILARIOUS.

Also here’s a bigger version of this if you have trouble reading it.


Episode 11 thoughts…

(ok no more klk doodles for today get some work done, self)

I just made the most obnoxious laugh holy shit

After seeing the student council being demoted to no-stars, I’d absolutely love for them to live with Mako ad try to re-adjust into being poor/normal students.

AHahaah, I had to make fun of Nonon always looking like a middle schooler, I had to. Well, we’ll see her actually No-star outfit soon enough ah….


Test Number Three.

 Necropolis will launch at the end of August as an ongoing weekly webcomic.  Stay tuned!

-Jake Wyatt


New preview (1st pages) from “Le Monde de Milo” comic-book.

Drawn by french artist Christophe Ferreira, who work in Japan since many years as animator (Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna and Lupin III tv specials, Genius Party, Uchuu Kyoudai, Magic Tree House, Bleach, Wakfu’s Nox and Ogrest tv specials …).

It will be released on March 22th by Dargaud publisher.