Drawing instead of doing actual work \m/


How to dress punk 101: Channel Alison Mosshart and also The Strokes

hey sorry if it's been aleady asked but what kind of brush have you used for that last comic about ahri and malcolm?


Hi! I’ve updated my brush pack, and have compiled the stuff into a handy dandy sheet. Click on the image to grab the expanded version, and grab my brush pack here.

(the one you’re interested in is called ‘iS_antialiased’)

The sources of several of these brushes are as follows:
Algenpfleger , Houston Sharp, Paul Scott (from the ‘Using Reference Imaginatively’ pack)


Ok wrong blog but let’s be real both of my blogs need Annie Clark on it


Austin City Limits 10.10.14 [x]


WELCOME BACK!!!!!!! ٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶

Thank god!!!!!

Jenny and I started off homestuck and now we are here drawing pictures of real people LMAO

chapanya will trade u a draw of imp/deft for a draw of St. Vincent

Upd8: Still in love with St. Vincent